[[t]æz, əz[/t]] UK / US
1. conj
1) (referring to time) als

as the years went by — mit den Jahren

he came in as I was leaving — als er hereinkam, ging ich gerade

as from tomorrow — ab morgen


(in comparisons) as big as — so groß wie

twice as big as — zweimal so groß wie

as much/many as — so viel/so viele wie

as soon as — sobald

3) (since, because) da

he left early as he had to be home by 10 — er ging früher, da er um 10 zu Hause sein musste

4) (referring to manner, way) wie

do as you wish — mach was du willst

as she said — wie sie sagte


(concerning) as for o to that — was das betrifft o angeht


as if o though — als ob

2. prep

he works as a driver — er arbeitet als Fahrer


he gave it to me as a present — er hat es mir als Geschenk gegeben


English-German mini dictionary. 2015.

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